The Share 6 Campaign: A Ministry of Dare 2 Share


The Share 6 Campaign, a ministry of Dare 2 Share, is all about inspiring, equipping and deploying Christian teenagers to engage their friends in gospel conversations. The site offered highly designed little books called, Life in 6 Words, which were created to help teenagers bring the word of Jesus to their peers in a natural way. This was the Share 6 Campaign website.
Content is from the site's 2016 archived pages.

The current website for the Share 6 Campaign, is found at


A Movement of Gospel Conversations

Dare 2 Share Ministries

Using the powerful outreach book Life in 6 Words, Share 6 is launching tens of thousands of teen-initiated gospel conversations about Jesus. The campaign brings together relational gospel-sharing tools and a powerful focus on intercessory prayer, unleashing teenagers to intentionally share their faith.

Youth leaders can receive up to 100 free copies of this book to help them launch this gospel-sharing movement in their ministry! (All you have to pay is shipping!)


Life in 6 Words Outreach Book

The Life in 6 Words outreach book is designed as a relational conversation-starter for students to use with someone they know. There’s even a space to write a personal note inside the front cover.


Explore the G.O.S.P.E.L.

The evangelistic website explores the full story of the gospel and includes the virally popular video Life in 6 Words: The GOSPEL. The video has been seen over 2 million times! Viewers are invited to connect with God and are given an opportunity to trust Christ.

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Dare 2 Share App

For mobile core training and tools to help you share your faith, check out the Dare 2 Share (D2S) mobile app. You’ll learn how to share Jesus’ message of grace in your own unique, compelling way! The app features training videos from Greg Stier, Zane Black, and Derwin Grey and includes a Share Now section you can use to walk through the Life in 6 Words gospel message with a friend who needs Jesus.

We’ve got apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Get your download on!

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My take: I learned about Life in 6 Words from my teenagers during a dinner conversation. We were sitting around the dinner table one night discussing what happened to each of us that day. I started by talking about my day at work. The main topic was the urgent need to update FoxPro, a software no longer supported but still crucial for our mobile core training. This update is essential for efficiently sharing our faith through technology. By now, my two teenagers are well-versed in our regular discussions about app updates and tech challenges. We all then laugh and, in chorus, shout out: "We will make these tech updates work effectively!" Ok, I say, so my day was a typical day, dealing with the intricacies of updating legacy systems.

Next up was my daughter who said that one of her classmates, Angie Evens, not a close friend, but someone she has known since junior high school sat down at her lunch table. Angie first asked my daughter "Have you ever wondered about God? You’re not alone. Most everyone comes to a point in their life where they wonder about God and whether He exists, what He’s like, and what He wants from them." She went on to say she had become a campus missionary and wanted to share her Christian faith by starting an afterschool club where anyone who was interested could spend time with others reading and studying God's Word. Angie gave my daughter the booklet, Life in 6 Words. My daughter was a bit overwhelmed by the encounter, but said she would take a look at the book. The rest of the family talked about their day, we finished dinner, and the kids went off to do homework. My husband and I sat down to peruse the book. We decided it would be an interesting jumping off point for the next night's dinner where we could discuss the weighty questions such as; Is there a God? Who created God? Is it possible that everything came from nothing?



6 Steps to Launching Share 6

The Share 6 Campaign brings together simple gospel-sharing tools, a powerful focus on intercessory prayer and a practical youth group strategic plan. Maximize your impact as you launch the campaign by checking out the following tools.

1. Pray!

Get your teens praying for 1-3 lost friends by name.

  • Use THE Cause Circle
  • Consider a concert of prayer to launch the Share 6 Campaign.
  • Recruit others to pray for this effort.
  • Start praying for your own friends, as well.

THE Cause Circle

2. Equip!

Train your teens to share their faith and lead THE Cause (Matthew 28:18-20)

  • More information about THE Cause
  • Check out the DVD training curriculum and evangelism tools at
  • Bring your teens to a Dare 2 Share Student Training Conference
  • Have your teens download the FREE Dare 2 Share Mobile App at
  • To keep evangelism on your radar as a priority, signup for Dare 2 Share’s free e-resource, Energize

3. Read & Write!

Get your teens familiar with the Life in 6 Words outreach book, then have them write a note in the front of their book to the friend they are giving it to.

  • Use a youth group meeting to pass out copies of the Life in 6 Words book and provide time for the students to read it–either individually, or by prearranging to have a couple students prepped to do an upfront reading where one student reads the narrative and the other reads the spoken word poem while the rest of the group follows along in their own copy of the book. As they read the book, challenge them to be thinking about who they would like to give this book to.
  • Once they are familiar with the book, spend time in your meeting having each teen write a personal note to their friend in the front of the book.
  • Write a letter to your friend/family member in the front of your book and read it to your teens.
  • Have a handful of teens share what they’ve written with the group.
  • Spend time praying over each Life in 6 Words book and those who are going to read them.
  • Ask your teens to text the friend they are giving the book to this question: “If you were to describe your life in 6 words, what would those words be?”


4. Give!

Challenge your teens to give their friend the book as a gift the next day.

  • Encourage them to text you and/or your prayer warriors about the response they get from their friends upon receiving the book.
  • Train them to say, “After you read this, I would like to sit down and talk to you about it.”
  • Encourage them to enlist others to pray for their conversations.
  • Keep your prayer warriors actively interceeding during this time.
  • Give your book away to the person God has laid on your heart.

5. Follow Through!

Develop a strategy that ensures your teens are having conversations.

  • Make sure every book is followed up by a personal evangelistic conversation.
  • Remind teenagers of the three possible responses to reading the Life in 6 Words book
  • Consider launching a Share 6 Party.
  • Consider launching a Share 6 gathering that involves multiple youth groups working together to reach the community, as well as the school campuses in your area.
  • Consider making the books available to your students on a regular basis by creating a GOSPEL Wall.


6. Report!

Report to Dare 2 Share what happened (stories, conversations, salvations, rejections, etc.) by sharing your story on Facebook or by calling a Ministry Advancing Representative at 1-866-448-0273.




Welcome Youth Leaders!

We’re excited that you want to be part of the Share 6 Campaign! We want to help you launch this movement of gospel conversations in your own youth group by providing you with up to 100 Life in 6 Words outreach books at no cost to you. All you’ll have to pay is shipping.

To receive your free books, simply fill out the request form below. Along with some very basic church and personal information, you’ll be asked to affirm your commitment to the three core principles of the campaign:

  • To develop and execute a prayer strategy surrounding the books and gospel conversations.
  • To do everything in your power to ensure that every book is followed up with a conversation.
  • To report back to Dare 2 Share on Facebook.

After you submit the form, you will receive a coupon code to use in the Dare 2 Share store, which will enable you to get up to 100 free books.



The gospel just keeps multiplying!

“I have given out a lot of Bibles, Daily Breads, new Believer material, and booklets over this past year but probably the most requested one is Life in 6 Words. I love this book because the gospel is so presented so clearly and yet in a visually and verbally creative way.”




The Power of a Simple Tool


“Middle school youth group last night was one of the most powerful and impactful nights I have ever been a part of. We provide a free dinner the first Wednesday of every month so the kids can invite their friends… I asked two of my students to come and share what God was doing since the weekend. Little did I know that the night would turn into many youth sharing about what God was doing in their hearts and in their lives.